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Rear Brake Pad Replacement

Ford Rear Brake Pad Replacement

About Rear Brake Pad Replacement

Your car’s rear brake pads serve a vital function in making your daily commute safe and predictable. However, over time your brake pads wear down due to heat, friction, and the stress of repeated stopping. As your brake pads are made of a softer material than the surrounding brake components, this is unavoidable, and simply due to normal driving, your brake pads wear down and have to be replaced periodically.

How Often Should You Have Your Brake Pads Replaced?

Your brake pads should be replaced every 30,000 to 35,000 miles; however, some brake pads last longer while others may not even make it to 30,000 miles. There are a lot of factors that affect how long your rear brake pads will last. These can include the quality of the roads you drive on, the amount of traffic you encounter in St. Johns, environmental conditions, how long your commute is, and your driving habits. Many of these factors are outside of your control, but they all affect how long your brake pads will last.

Signs You Need New Rear Brake Pads

If your automobile needs new rear brake pads, there are several signs to look out for during your drives to Anastasia Island. These signs can include grinding noises, squeals or squeaking, and your brake warning lights coming on. There is also the physical conditions of the brake pads themselves, as you can visibly see if they are worn down. If your brake pads have less than 1/4th inches of thickness, it's time for a replacement.

Why Old Brake Pads Are Hazardous

A functional and responsive braking system is key to safe driving. Old brake pads put you, your passengers, and other drivers in danger as they reduce the effectiveness of your car’s brakes. Many accidents are caused due to mechanic issues or split-second mistakes, such as stopping one second too late. Old brake pads or brake fluid can increase your stopping distance or cause complete brake failure, both of which can lead to an accident. In addition to this, old brake pads can also damage parts of your braking system leading to expensive repairs.

Finding The Best Maintenance Shop

When you’re looking for brake service in St. Augustine or Fruit Cove, there are many different dealerships, independent mechanics, and chain brake repair shops to choose from. However, when it comes to your brakes (and your safety) you want to go with somebody you can trust. At Bozard Ford Lincoln, we are a fully certified automotive repair shop with a commitment to the highest quality work and your satisfaction. Call us today to learn more about our services.


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