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Tire Rotation

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Tire Rotation Service at Bozard Ford Lincoln of St. Augustine, FL

Did you just notice rapid and uneven tire wear? You probably need a tire rotation service and we offer just that at Bozard Ford Lincoln. Our tire rotations get completed by a certified technician that not only knows tire rotation service professionally but has performed tire service countless times on all makes and models. We also offer Ford quick lane tire rotation service without an appointment. Simply stop by our service department in St. Augustine, FL during operational hours and we will provide the tire rotation needed without an appointment as conveniently as possible.

Tire Rotation 101

It might seem strange to move tires around routinely yet it is recommended by all major auto and tire manufacturers. This is because vehicles generally have variable load-bearing profiles on each axle and wheel location. Wheels at the front axle handling the engine’s weight handle a greater load than those at the rear axle. The variable loads handled at each wheel position will eventually cause the tires to wear rapidly in the areas handling a concentrated weight. Rotating tires periodically helps them wear evenly by handling similar loads over the long run.

What are the Warning Signs of Needing to Rotate Tires?

If you experience any of the warning signs of needing a tire rotation, it is important to act promptly to prevent tire wear from getting worse and causing a blowout:

  • Rapid and uneven tire wear
  • Vibrations in the steering wheel or inside the cabin at speeds over 45 mph
  • Tires experience pressure loss and need air added

What Happens During Tire Rotation Service at Bozard Ford Lincoln?

Service begins at our Ford Quick Lane when you show up without an appointment. A certified technician removes the wheel assemblies, inspects the tires and exposed braking parts, and then remounts the wheel assemblies to a different wheel position according to the recommended rotation diagram.


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