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All New Ford Bronco

Bozard Ford Bronco Dealership Florida

Bozard Ford Bronco Dealer Florida


The Legendary Bronco Has Returned

Back by popular demand. More than a symbol of off-road capability and durability, the iconic Ford Bronco 4x4 is coveted by outdoor enthusiasts and represents America's original "Sport Utility Vehicle," coining the segment back in 1966 decades before it was an acronym. This rugged mid-sized SUV will bring back the excitement drivers remember about the original Ford SUV.


Choose Between Bronco or Bronco Sport

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Ford Bronco returns as the halo of the Built Wild family of all-new 4x4 vehicles with 2 model variants: a heritage-true 2-door, plus a first-ever 4-door. Embrace the thrill of the open-air experience with available quickrelease roof and doors that pop off easily.


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Bronco Sport

Bronco Sport

With unmistakable Bronco styling and unrelenting Bronco capability, the smaller sibling Bronco Sport joins the family with its own idea of fun. As with all Broncos, 4x4 is standard, and this rugged SUV is engineered to handle whatever weekend adventure its owner has in mind.


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*Reservations made in 2020 will be converted to orders in 2021. Due to the high number of Bronco 2 and 4-door reservations, deliveries may extend into the 2022 calendar year. Reservations at ford.com will be time stamped. Once a reservation has been converted to an order through Bozard, Ford will continue to update customer regarding production and delivery estimates.


2021 Ford Bronco


Ford Bronco: Back By Popular Demand

Get out there and find your wild in America’s original sports-utility vehicle. With a legacy that can’t be broken, the entire Bronco family is designed, engineered, and built for adventure. So, get ready to mount up and get dirty because the one and only legend is making its long-awaited return.


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Bronco Models & Specs


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2021 Ford Bronco Lineup


Customize Your Bronco or Bronco Sport in 4 Steps:

STEP 1: Select your model based on the type of outdoor pursuits and interests you prefer.
STEP 2: Select your drivetrain.
STEP 3: Select your equipment level, which includes creature comforts and interior options.
STEP 4: Select your functional equipment such as roof, tires, and accessories.


2021 Ford Bronco Pics


Bronco Off-Rodeo


Off Roadeo Course



Bronco is the only domestic brand of SUVs with 4x4 standard across the lineup. Bronco is Built Wild for thrilling off-road experiences and confident enough to take you deep into the extremes of outdoor adventure. The Bronco Brand includes 3 rugged models: the all-new Bronco 2-door; the first-ever Bronco 4-door; and an all-new, small but tough SUV called the Bronco Sport.



Ford Bronco Models


Bronco SEMA Show Special:



  • Built Wild!™ Ford launched its new outdoor brand with a 4x4-only family featuring Bronco two-door, first-ever Bronco four-door and smaller Bronco Sport model – all engineered with Built Wild Extreme Durability Testing, Capability and Innovative Design principles for segment-leading levels of 4x4 capability, plus long-term off-road performance and dependability.
  • The Bronco team is bringing its new Off-Roadeo driving schools and experience centers to four U.S. locations starting in 2021; owners and enthusiasts can put Bronco brand’s 4x4 lineup through challenging terrain and obstacles, and experience authenticity in the wild.
  • Bronco lifestyle is unleashed through Bronco Nation, an independent online community that enables owners and enthusiasts to share and discover off-roading adventures including trails, vintage Bronco vehicle information and event calendars; new apparel available, too.
  • Bronco brand momentum continued July 13th, 2020, with the world premieres and reservations opening on Ford.com for the all-new Bronco two- and four-door models.




Way back in 1966, Ford introduced its original SUV and cut a trail to the great outdoors that would be followed by generations of Americans. And now, Bronco is coming back, strapped with thrilling power and go-anywhere capability, uniquely equipped to carry true adventure seekers deep into the wild and untamed places their souls long to be.


Ford Bronco Heritage

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