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Diesel Engine Service Tips For Your Ford Powerstroke

Ford Power Stroke Diesel Service

Tips for Servicing Your Ford Power Stroke Engine

Your Ford Power Stroke® can handle a lot with proper maintenance, but keeping up on the suggested service appointments is important for assuring its longevity. Having a team in your corner who can help you stick to those schedules based on the type of driving you do, and the conditions in which you travel is integral to the process. You want to know that your Power Stroke® Turbo Diesel V8 will continue to provide you with the support you need while impressing your friends with its rugged abilities, so it is wise to have your vehicle seen by our team of Ford-trained technicians.

Since our team has been trained to work on Ford models, we're your best resource for everything related to maintaining your Power Stroke®. With each passing model year, your Ford truck's technology changes, but you can count on one thing staying the same -- the 6.7-liter Power Stroke® Turbo Diesel V8 engine your F-250 will provide the level of support that you need. With Best-In-Class torque, this engine needs special treatment to stay at the top of its game, and we can help you keep it in shape.

Proper Maintenance Based on Driving Conditions is Critical for Your Engine's Performance

Every driver knows the oil change intervals of their truck, but there are so many other ways to care for your Power Stroke® engine that some might miss. With all those moving parts working hard to get you the level of power you want, there's a lot of risk for problems down the road. Aside from providing proper lubrication for your engine, customers should also consider what type of service you'll be needing. A common misconception is that one service style will fit all Ford trucks, but we want to enlighten our customers.

Your 6.7-liter Power Stroke® V8 Turbo Diesel engine may need more maintenance at a different schedule based on your driving conditions. Normal Service schedules are for the driver who mainly uses their Power Stroke® engine to commute to work, or for the smaller jobs. For Severe Service, you will need to provide special attention and follow specific service intervals. These include:

  • Drivers who idle often or for extended periods of time would count this as a severe traveling condition. Frequently traveling at low speed also falls under this category.
  • Weather conditions, whether below zero or above 90-degrees, is considered a qualifier for Severe Service intervals.
  • Often traveling at high speeds with the maximum loaded weight for the truck is also cause for frequent servicing based on the Severe Service intervals.
  • Driving in extremely dusty or off-road conditions can also wreak havoc on your Power Stroke® Diesel engine.
  • Towing a trailer that weighs more than 1,000 pounds for approximately 20 percent of your driving is also considered severe travel conditions.

We also recommend you keep a close eye on the type of fuel you're putting into your Ford truck, since some diesel fuel may have additives or be subpar for your engine. Knowing where you can get clean diesel for your Power Stroke® engine is part of the ownership process.

Your Power Stroke Diesel Engine Deserves the Best Care

Whether you travel in rough conditions on a regular basis or you consider your driving to fall under the normal service umbrella, it's important that you follow the recommended service intervals put in place by Ford. Our team knows when your Power Stroke® Diesel needs to be cared for, and by following these intervals, you're protecting your investment.

If you have questions or you want to set up your next service appointment, reach out to our service team today. We're ready to keep your Ford Power Stroke® Diesel running as smooth as the day you bought it.

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