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Schedule Service

Use our Online Scheduler below for your convenience. If you are interested in our mobile or pickup & delivery service, please call 904-592-3346 to schedule an appointment or get more information. 

ONLY the following services are eligible to be performed as Express Service:

• The WorksTM • Oil Changes
• Wheels/Tires • Alignments
• Air Filters • General Maintenance

All diagnostics and repairs MUST be performed in our main Service Department.




Scheduling Service Online

It's easier than ever for people today to set up appointments online. For a lot of customers, making online appointments will always be more straightforward than calling a dealership. The Bozard Ford Lincoln dealership has an online form that should help make things more convenient for customers. St. Augustine customers will be asked if they're returning customers or not when they decide to fill in the form. If they are returning customers, there should already be a record of them at the dealership. The rest of the process might be easier as a result, but new customers are certainly welcome.

Vehicle Information

When customers fill in the online form to the Bozard Ford Lincoln dealership, they should have information about their cars readily available. Some drivers already might know this information. However, even the people who haven't memorized data related to their car's model, year, and make should be able to look everything up quickly online. They'll also need to know their car's mileage. Information on the car's trim and VIN could help, but that data is not required for this form.

Dealership Services

After customers have filled in all of the required fields on the first part of the online form, they can specify which automotive services they ultimately want. They'll be provided with a menu of options, so people won't have to worry about using the exact terminology that the dealership has in its database. That terminology will already be presented in front of them at the Bozard Ford Lincoln website.

The available services are listed in alphabetical order. People have to check off which services they'll need at the appointment they're trying to schedule. They can check off more than one service. Some additional menus might appear related to specific services, but customers may only need to select two items when this happens. There's also a space available for customers to type the service that they want, which might help the Anastasia Island customers who don't see the service that they want on the menu.

Repair Calendar

Once customers have chosen the automotive services that they'll need at their next appointment, they'll be directed towards a page with a calendar. There will be a grid that features several different time slots. To choose one, customers need to click on the time slot that they want. The calendar page should always update regularly, so people will know if the time slot isn't available.

Customers at this point will also be asked if they plan on dropping their cars off at the dealership, so they'll need to prepare for this part of the process. They'll also be given the option to choose an adviser. When St. Augustine customers have completed this step, they can review everything and officially schedule the appointment.

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